How we hire, train, match, and take care of our talent

A look into our process and how we ensure our Divers show up motivated and excited for you each day.

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Applicants Monthly

We're known as a great place to work, so we get our pick of top talent.


First Match Success

“I’m blown away by her experience,” is a common statement that we hear.


Average Rating

We ask every client about execution, consistency, communication, and more.

Our hiring process

A 6-step hiring process that vets for experience, skill set, work ethic, and personality traits. We leverage third party assessments and multiple interviews to thoroughly evaluate every candidate.

1% of applicants get hired
100% English proficiency
Verified background checks
Our EA+ training program

A live, intensive, bootcamp-style program designed to teach our Divers how to proactively support the unique challenges of Founders, business owners, and high-growth executives.

Taught by world class EAs
Covers all best practices
Post-graduation coaching
Our matching process

We deep dive into your current needs and understand your working style and preferences — then we hand select the Diver that we think will be your perfect fit.

2-week turnaround
Profile review & optional interview
Complementary rematching
Ongoing support & retention

We invest heavily in our Divers through ongoing coaching, learning and development, and support through our community of Divers — so no one ever dives alone.

Full-time dedicated coaches
Learning and development
300+ Divers strong

Commons questions

What time zones can my Diver work in?

Most of our Divers overlap with their clients for 5 hours during the day (what we call our sync time), and then there’s another 3-4 hours that’s asynchronous — meaning they can do focused work while you’re asleep.

What if I don’t think my Diver is working out?

This is a rare case, but if it does happen, we’ll work with you to evaluate what wasn’t working and then rematch you with another Diver, free of charge.

What kind of experience and education will my Diver have?

On average, our Divers have 5-10 years of professional experience. Many of our Divers are graduates and former employees from impressive institutions (i.e. University of London UK, University of Toronto, JPMorgan, E&Y, Uber Eats, and more)

How long is the contract?

We do rolling 3-month contracts at Oceans so any onboarding (or offboarding) is done smoothly.

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