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Vetted for experience, skill set, and work ethic — our talent comes with batteries included, while saving you up to 80% of US rates.

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Best-in-class Profiles

From creating systems and processes that streamline a single function to the entire company — our operational Divers are highly detail oriented and process-driven.

Project Managers

Planning, coordinating, and executing projects to ensure they land on time and on budget.

Operations Associates

Managing daily processes, building out new systems and optimizing existing ones.

Operations Managers

Monitoring resources, quality control, and supply chain management. Able to work cross-functionally and manage teams.

Logistics Associates

Collecting and analyzing data on inventory levels, optimizing transport routes, coordinating production timelines, and more.

And More...

These are some of our most popular roles. We also have highly specialized roles that we serve on a case by case basis.

University of West London
Jacksonville State University
University of Surrey
Former Arimac

"I don't want an assistant" to hiring three Divers

80,000 emails. That was Mary's unread email count until she realized that she needed help. Another email app wasn't going to cut it...

Read Mary's Story
I didn’t want an assistant. I had assistants in the past who ended up creating more work for me, waiting for me to assign them a task. My Oceans Diver is the complete opposite. She's amazing, proactive, and highly capable — I can't live without her now. She's a ray of sunshine, always with a positive word!
Mary Berry
Cosmos Labs

How we do it

We take time to get to know you, our Divers, and then we hand select a match. 86% of first matches end up being the right one.

Discovery Call

Let’s get to know each other. If there’s a fit, we can deep dive into what you’re looking for, how you like to work, pet peeves, and more — it’s the details that make for a great working relationship.


With your unique criteria in hand, we find and show you someone who fits like a glove. Our team processes 1500+ applications a month to curate perfect matches.


Setting you and your Diver up for success. We take a hands-on approach to integrating the two parties, setting expectations, and outlining your initial projects.

Long-term Partnership

Our services scale with you. Many clients add additional team members from Oceans over time. All the while, we're focused on upskilling, management, and retention of our Divers.

Why Oceans

Over 500 companies have embedded Oceans talent into their organization.

Hire with Oceans
Experienced talent
Think ex-Ogilvy and ex-KPMG. We attract career professionals who are excited to make an impact.
Constant upskilling and training
Proactive internal coaching and training. That’s hands-on, 1:1 support to help your Diver level up.
We take care of our Divers
Above-market pay, benefits, retirement accounts, work socials, annual team retreats, etc.
High retention
A supportive work environment where our Divers are happy to build their careers.
Easy to scale
We specialize in ops, admin, finance and marketing talent. Many clients end up scaling with Oceans.
And most importantly...
We strive to continuously do better. If a match doesn’t end up working out, we’ll put all hands on deck to make it right.

Commons questions

Is my Oceans Diver a full time employee?

Nope, they work for Oceans — but spend all their time with you. You should treat them as if they were a full time, long-term member of your team.

What hours does my Diver work?

Most of our Divers overlap with their clients for 4-5 hours during the day (what we call our sync time), and then there’s another 3-4 hours that’s asynchronous — meaning they can do focused work while you’re asleep. We can discuss a different overlap if required!

Is this month to month?

You'll start off with a 3 month trial commitment, because that's the amount of time it takes to begin seeing real value. After that, contracts move forward on a rolling, auto-renewal basis.

How many Divers can Oceans help me hire?

If there's a ceiling, we don't know about it! Oceans can help you scale to as many as you need. Some of our clients have built out full functions consisting of 10+ Divers.

How does Oceans guarantee candidate quality?

Oceans focuses on long-term matches with top quality talent. To do so, we only hire the best. Our candidates are vetted in a 6 stage interview process, followed by a skills and personality assessment, to ensure they are a great fit with you and your team.

Start building brilliantly

We help you plug highly-skilled and vetted global talent into your business, so you can focus on Building Brilliantly.

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